Will the Inflation Grinch Steal Christmas?

Recently RedBalloon.work and PublicSq.com surveyed 60,000 freedom economy businesses. The findings of the survey have a very low margin of error and reveal the sentiments of small businesses across the country, and it is not the same narrative being put out by the government. With almost $34 trillion in debt and increasing global turmoil, people are nervous and concerned about where the economy is headed. According to this survey, small businesses fear this holiday season may not be very good for their bottom line.

The Thanksgiving Legacy of Our Forefathers

A little over 400 years ago, a small group of Pilgrims made the hazardous journey across the Atlantic. After a difficult first year, in the fall of 1621, the survivors and the indigenous people shared three days of feasting, games, and exercises. After the first year, what was left was a small group of 50 people: 22 men, four married women, and 25 children and teenagers. Soon their celebration became an annual tradition for Americans. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln officially named the last Thursday of November as a Thanksgiving national holiday.

DEI Is Destroying the American Economy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the new words that are shaping C-suite compensation rather than profits. These words sound nice and seem admirable, but in reality, they mean something completely different. Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of RedBalloon, joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to expose the true meaning of DEI: divisiveness, exclusion, and ineffectiveness. Kevin and Andrew discuss important solutions to this economy-killing corporate policy.

Total Control Is The Goal

Joining Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room today is Reggie Littlejohn. She is the founder and president of Women's Rights Without Frontiers. A graduate of Yale Law School, she's an acclaimed international expert on China's one-child policy, now become its three-child policy. Her organization has been called the leading voice in the battle to expose and oppose forced abortion and gendercide sex-selective abortion of baby girls in China. She's also the co-founder of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force.

What Can Be Done About Rising Economic Concerns?

There's a Greek myth. It's the myth of Cassandra. She was the daughter of King Troy, and she was given this amazing prophetic gift. Everything she saw happen going to happen actually did happen. But she rejected the romance of Apollo. And so he cursed her to be accurate in her prophecy, but never believed. Kevin Freeman has unfortunately be right on his documented Casandra-like predictions of the 2008 economic collapse and more recently his 2021 forecasting of the coming inflationary cliff we are facing today.

Compulsory Cap and Trade by Biden's Executive Order

Consider the fact that Thomas Jefferson bought 530 million acres for $15 million, the greatest land deal in history. And what does he do? He trusts people with land and liberty, and they produce the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen. And we've now come to a point where we're exactly the opposite. The federal government is locking up land as fast as it can and then controlling what we can do on the land.

Forming a Courageous Culture

We have a battle between cultures. A top-down culture turning people into cattle and serfs on the plantation: That is the World Economic Forum's push. Its leaders claim that they're diversity, equity, and inclusion, but they're not. They're the opposite. They claim to care about the environment, but what they're doing is bad culture for us. Kevin Freeman talks with John Luke Spitler, who brings a Christian perspective, has built a great company, and is working with several amazing companies to help bring traditional values and culture back to the marketplace.

The Miracle in East Texas

When it was discovered in the early 1930s, the East Texas oil field was the largest known reserve in the world. Ten years down the road in 1941, that tremendous amount of oil proved absolutely essential in the Allies' fight for freedom from the Nazis. Within one month of the Pearl Harbor attack and America entering the war, and within 22 days, Nazi subs sank 73 of 74 tankers shuttling oil from Texas through the Gulf of Mexico to the East Coast. That oil was meant to supply our fighting soldiers over on the European battlefields. The U.S.

The Economic Root of Climate Change Fears

We're inundated with fear-filled statements of climate collapse. Young people have been told that the rest of us have all doomed their future for our profit. We must stop all carbon emissions to conform to a net zero policy. Remember high school science? People exhale CO2. Do they know this, or is the real agenda reducing the population? As an economic issue, we're told we must eliminate fossil fuels as if oil, gas, and coal are fossils from dead dinosaurs. Dr.