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Resisting Global Control and Exposing Hidden Threats | Guest: Dr. Jim Garlow | Ep 301

Globalism Economics CBDC
Jul 11, 2024 Jul 11, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman in a special edition of the "Economic War Room," filmed at Liberty University, where he welcomes Dr. Jim Garlow to discuss pivotal global issues. They dive into the World Health Organization's troubling pandemic treaty, the ongoing conflict in Israel, and the rising authoritarianism threatening national sovereignty. Freeman and Garlow also explore Garlow’s impactful new book, "ReVERSED," which provides a biblical framework for combating societal challenges. This enlightening discussion aims to equip viewers with the knowledge to stand resilient in an increasingly tumultuous world.

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300th Episode Special: The Future of America is at Stake | Guest: Mike Carter | Ep 300

Kevin Freeman celebrates the 300th episode of "Economic War Room," highlighting its growth relative to other long-standing series and underlining the importance... Read more.

The Electric Grid Crisis: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Solutions | Guest: Tommy Waller, David Tice | Ep 298

Electric Grid SOLUTIONS Domestic Threats
Jun 27, 2024 Jun 27, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room with grid security experts Tommy Waller and David Tice as they delve into the imminent threats facing America's elec... Read more.

Faith, Freedom, and the Fight Against Wokeness | Guest: Ryan Helfenbein | Ep 299

CULTURE Education Liberty University
Jun 27, 2024 Jun 27, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman at Liberty University as he explores the institution's firm stance on faith, freedom, and its resistance to wokeness with Ryan Helfenbein, VP... Read more.

Silence Equals Consent | Guest: William J. Federer | Ep 297

Globalism Deep State SOLUTIONS
Jun 13, 2024 Jun 13, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman as he welcomes historian and author William J. Federer to the Economic War Room to discuss his latest book, "Silence Equals Consent." This th... Read more.

Unmasking Pirate Money: Rediscovering America's Financial Freedom | Guest: Mike Carter | Ep 296

Pirate Money Transactional Gold SOLUTIONS
Jun 06, 2024 Jun 06, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman and cohost Mike Carter in this eye-opening segment as they delve into the revolutionary concept of pirate money. Discover how gold and silver... Read more.

The Emerging Threat of Debanking: Protecting Financial Liberty | Guest: Lathan Watts | Ep 295

In this revealing episode, Kevin Freeman engages with Lathan Watts, vice president of public affairs for Alliance Defending Freedom, to uncover the concerning t... Read more.

The Great Campaign: A Quest for Humanity and Love | Guest: Jason Jones | Ep 294

Great Reset World Economic Forum Globalism
May 23, 2024 May 23, 2024
Dive into an enlightening conversation with Jason Jones, a seasoned film producer, author, and human rights activist, as he shares his profound insights on the ... Read more.

The 7 Truths Every Financial Adviser Should Know | Ep 293

Economics Advisors LSV
May 16, 2024 May 16, 2024
Dive into the compelling insights from Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room as he discusses the surprisingly small percentage of Americans seeking financial a... Read more.

SPECIAL RELEASE: The Final Analysis | Guest: Dr. Jerome Corsi | Ep 0524

JFK Deep State History
May 14, 2024 May 14, 2024
Kevin Freeman talks with NY Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi about his new bombshell book, "The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Analy... Read more.

Unveiling the Truth: The Courage to Face COVID-19 | Guest: Dr. Peter McCullough, John Leake | Ep 292

Medicine CULTURE Technology
May 09, 2024 May 09, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman as he dives into a groundbreaking interview with Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake in the Economic War Room, where they shed light on their... Read more.

American Sovereignty Hangs in the Balance | Guest: Frank Gaffney | Ep 291

May 02, 2024 May 02, 2024
Did you know that sovereignty, the core of American freedom, might be at risk? Frank Gaffney joins Kevin Freeman to warn of two ominous treaties with the World ... Read more.

A New Tool that Maximizes the Power of the Proxy | Guest: Scott Shepard | Ep 290

SOLUTIONS Investing Domestic Threats
Apr 25, 2024 Apr 25, 2024
Scott Shepard from the National Center's Free Enterprise Project joins Kevin Freeman in the "Economic War Room" to discuss the issues surrounding Environmental,... Read more.

The Fate of Empires | Ep 289

Debt Globalism Domestic Threats
Apr 18, 2024 Apr 18, 2024
Join Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room as he raises the alarm about the potential demise of the American empire at its 250-year mark. Freeman explores hist... Read more.

The Great Taking | Guest: David Rogers Webb | Ep 288

Domestic Threats LSV Freedom Stock Market
Apr 11, 2024 Apr 11, 2024
Are your investments really safe? Financial expert David Rogers Webb uncovers shocking truths about the securities market, revealing hidden risks investors may ... Read more.

Building the Republic | Guest: Tim Barton | Ep 287

Domestic Threats Freedom
Apr 04, 2024 Apr 04, 2024
Kevin Freeman and Tim Barton discuss American history, focusing on the first seven presidents who played significant roles in shaping the early republic. They h... Read more.

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur | Guest: Paul B. Allen | Ep 286

SOLUTIONS Technology CULTURE Business
Mar 28, 2024 Mar 28, 2024
Kevin Freeman and Paul Allen, a successful entrepreneur known for founding, talk about his career and current projects. One of Paul's exciting proj... Read more.

Five Undeniable Truths | Ep 285

Inflation Pirate Money Transactional Gold
Mar 21, 2024 Mar 21, 2024
Kevin Freeman highlights the gravity of America's ballooning national debt, which nears a staggering $35 trillion. With an urgency that cannot be understated, F... Read more.

Special Episode: Jesus and Politics | Guest: Bunni Pounds | Ep SP0324

Voting Elections Action
Mar 18, 2024 Mar 18, 2024
Bunni Pounds, a seasoned political figure and founder of Christians Engaged, has released a new book titled "Jesus and Politics: One Woman's Walk with God in a ... Read more.

The Economic War on Farmers Is Impacting Your Grocery Bill | Guest: Rea Hederman Jr. | Ep 284

Domestic Threats Food Security LSV
Mar 14, 2024 Mar 14, 2024
The Buckeye Institute's Rea Hederman Jr. has released a report titled "Net Zero Climate Control Policies Will Fail the Farm," detailing the negative impact such... Read more.

Solutions for Our Broken Intelligence Community | Guest: J. Michael Waller | Ep 283

Domestic Threats LSV
Mar 07, 2024 Mar 07, 2024
Once upon a time, the FBI and the CIA fought America’s enemies at home and abroad. Now they are tools of a growing police state, attacking the Left’s politi... Read more.