Ep 255

Have you heard about the controversy over "Sound of Freedom"? That's one of this year's top-performing movies. It touches on a subject that the elite don't like: human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. But unless you were paying attention, you probably never even knew that it was made, let alone released. But it's not the only film that makes the ruling elite nervous. Our friends Matt and Joy Thayer with Speropictures have made a beautiful movie titled "The Trump I Know," with interviews from those closest to the most controversial figure of our time, Donald Trump. You'd think Americans would be curious. What's he really like if he's such a monster? Shouldn't we know? But like "Sound of Freedom," this movie has been demonized and vilified. Worse, however, it's been canceled. So you haven't even been given the opportunity to see it or decide for yourself. We've invited Matt and Joy back to the Economic War Room to share about the movie that they made and why they believe the elite hate it so much. 


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