Aug, 25, 2023 0
Carla Sands, the former ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss the current foreign and domestic economic war. Ambassador Sands and her team worked to create jobs for Americans by increasing exports by 43 percent. She also worked to ban the CCP-…
Aug, 24, 2023 0
Kevin Freeman shares the dangers of CBDC and the solution to our falling dollar with Pete Santilli. CLICK HERE TO WATCH
Jun, 12, 2023 0
The War We DIDN’T EVEN KNOW We Were Losing - Kevin Freeman; OPEC's Impact On Your US Dollars Uninsured Banks Refuse To Adapt - Economic Update CLICK HERE TO WATCH 
Jun, 12, 2023 0
Kevin speaks with Frank Gaffney about Texas Transactional Currency, a history of “reserve currencies”, How American military strength ties directly into the power of the U.S. dollar, and a potential alternative to the American dollar being proposed in Texas.…