Legislator Event

The Economic War Room hosted a legislative summit to strategize the implementation of Article One Section Ten State-Based Gold and Silver-Backed currency. This summit explored:

  • The threat of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC),
  • Foreign efforts to undermine the dollar as the world’s reserve currency,
  • Our growing Federal debt and possible bankruptcy of America,
  • Inflation’s destruction of our purchasing power.

With six states represented, legislators worked in groups to determine each state's best course of action. Attendees learned the history of money and why a state-based Constitutional-based (Article 1, Section 10) alternative is legal and defensible. They were exposed to existing technology that is proof of concept and can be applied quickly for speed-to-market. Lawmakers discussed the legislation required - including a Model Legislation to consider.  This three-day event inspired new leaders to join the fight for liberty by developing transactional gold and silver legislation tailored to their home state. These patriots are leading their state to greater freedom as we build a nation that better resembles that which was envisioned by our founding fathers.