Ep 284

The Buckeye Institute's Rea Hederman Jr. has released a report titled "Net Zero Climate Control Policies Will Fail the Farm," detailing the negative impact such policies will have on American agriculture and food prices. Hederman emphasizes that adherence to the Paris Climate Accords and the adoption of ESG mandates will lead to increased operating costs for farmers, estimated at an additional $65,000 per farm annually, and a corresponding rise in annual grocery bills for families by approximately $1,300. Citing real-world examples such as Sri Lanka, where similar policies resulted in doubled food prices and widespread shortages, the report warns of similar consequences in the U.S. The Buckeye Institute recommends withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, revoking funding and tax credits related to net zero policies, building anti-ESG coalitions, and promoting education over government mandates for sustainable farming. Hederman describes these policies as an economic war on farmers and urges the adoption of market-driven solutions over top-down governmental control.


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