Pirate Money

Pirate Money = Patriot Money

When they met in Philadelphia in 1787, everyone understood real money as Spanish gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight. The Founders hid a clause in the Constitution that allowed states to use Pirate Money as legal tender. Adding current technology, their secret can be used to stop the threats of inflation, federal overreach, and the Great Reset while preserving personal liberty and privacy.

This book offers a blending of old-world and modern solutions that will forever change the way you view money.

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Game Plan

In his best-selling book Game Plan, he outlines the potential threats against our economy and how Americans can be prepared to protect their savings and investments. With America’s rising debt, multiple cyber economic attacks and weakening of the dollar, the potential economic threats are documented and real. What Americans see as the marketplace, our enemies now view as the battle space. Contrary to many financial newsletters and advertising claims, there is no silver bullet to these threats and investors need to be prepared to strategically adjust. This is the first “how to” investment book of its type and provides the game plan to succeed.


According To Plan

Not long ago, America was a very different country.

Freedoms were protected, streets were safe, families were whole, and the future looked bright. Schools delivered a quality education, Made in America meant something, and people came to our country - legally. Gas was cheap, jobs plentiful, and our government wasn’t bankrupt. In those days, too, America came first, unity and faith were honored, patriotism was a virtue, and the police were funded.

Today, however, so much is going wrong. Some say it’s because our leaders are incompetent. Others think it’s merely a coincidence. But to many concerned Americans, those explanations just don’t ring true.

Kevin Freeman is one of them. Drawing on his deep expertise in investigative analysis, he took a hard look at all that America is going through. And what he discovered will shock you.


Secret Weapon

In the NY Times Best Selling book Secret Weapon you’ll learn what our enemies know and what Washington has chosen to ignore – that our financial system is profoundly vulnerable to financial terrorism, and that we are being targeted for further and even more destructive attacks by our enemies, who want to cripple America as the world’s leading economy. If you want to protect yourself and protect our country, then you need to read Secret Weapon to understand how we have entered a new age of warfare – an age our enemies want to make the Dark Ages of the United States.