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There is an untold war already underway that threatens America as a country and Americans as citizens. It is a cyber-economic war and few are prepared for it. If left ignored and unchecked, the results will devastate. But if informed and prepared, Americans will not only fight this war but also win it, preserving liberty and opportunity for future generations. Welcome to the Economic War Room.

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Our way of life, free market economy and American sovereignty are all under threat. Now more than ever there is a critical intersection of national security and economics that our enemies say will cause social panic, street riots, and political crises in America. It all starts with financial warfare.

Financier George Soros, once compared by the Chinese authors of Unrestricted Warfare to a “financial terrorist,” has spent more than $48 million funding media properties, including news infrastructure, journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations. He knows how to manipulate markets, fund rioters, and control media that could undermine our civilization.

In the global economic war, Russia and China are both looking at ways to create new currency to replace the U.S. dollar and de-dollarization attempts have begun. US vulnerabilities have been identified. Cyber Warfare has escalated to the point where a single computer virus invasion becomes a new concept weapon.

All the while, Washington continues to run up the US national debt clock, a bubble in student loans, food stamps, money printing, health insurance costs all while labor force participation, workers share of the economy, and median family income have fallen. No wonder 72% of American consumers fear an economic crash and are looking for answers. The American people feel besieged but don’t know where to turn.

Our mission is to shine the light of truth on these serious challenges, offer real solutions, and provide hope. The American experiment hasn’t failed. Rather, it was abandoned in the midst of success. Economic War Room will be our collective battle plan to return this nation to greatness, or, as the President says, “To Make America Great Again.”